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Representatives at WAGC
The following people have represented New Zealand at the World Amatuer Go Championships
1979      Graeme Parmenter      unplaced
1980Graeme Parmenterunplaced
1981Barry Pheaseunplaced            
1982Ray Tomes8th
1983John Blair14th
1984Kyle Jones25th
1985Barry Phease16th
1986Ray Tomes16th
1987Barry Phease-
1988Ray Tomes24th
1989Kyle Jones25th
1990David Coughlin28th
1991      Graeme Parmenter      24th
1992Barry Phease27th
1993Yucong Phease34th
1994Colin Grierson31st
1995Barry Phease17th
1996Kyle Jones29th
1997Eric Jones37th
1998Injune Kang25th
1999Colin Grierson26th
2000Shiyong Du26th
2001Steve Kim29th
2002Steve Kim15th
©2004 Leon Phease