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About the NZGS
The New Zealand Go Society:

  • publishes Go news to kiwis

  • organises the annual NZ Go Congress competition

  • maintains a points system for members

  • sends a NZ representative to the World Amateur Go Championship (WAGC) annually

  • runs a bookshop (selling boards, stones, books) with special deals for members
  • is a member of the International Go Federation

  • monitors the progress of the Go Kichi Trophy

  • got me to create and maintain this web site

Membership of the NZGS runs from 1 July to 30 June the following year. The membership fee is currently $10 per annum (half price for non-earners).

Contacts for the New Zealand Go Society include:
President: Mike Taler
Secretary: Steve Taylor
Treasurer: Ira Turvey

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