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Kiwi Go
The journal of the New Zealand Go Society

The New Zealand Go Society has always tried to keep its members informed about activiites happening in New Zealand and abroad. Over the years it has published a newsletter of sorts in various formats and under various names. Probably it reached its best form under the name "Kiwi Go". Unfortunately it has lapsed from want of an editor of recent years.

Most of the articles have been about tournament results and changes in personnel active in playing and administering go. These have been summarised in the article on the history of the NZGS. There have been many articles that are worthy of further readership and I have included a few here for your interest.

      ·  New Zealand Go Ranks - August 1993 (Shifting the goalposts)
      ·  The Inner Game Of Go - October 1992 (or Go With The Flow)
      ·  On Tournament Formats - December 1991
      ·  Time Limits - July 1991
      ·  Korean Rules - January 1991
      ·  A Value for Komi - May 1990
      ·  How Many Squares on a Go Board - October 1988
      ·  Kami Kaze's Ko (-Lea) rner - June 1988
      ·  Go Barriers - January 1980 (by Ray Tomes)
      ·  The Spirit of Enquiry - April 1979 (by Graeme Parmenter)

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