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Welcome to, the home of the New Zealand Go Society. The New Zealand Go Society is a group of kiwis that are interested in playing and promoting the game of Go in New Zealand.

New Zealand Go Congress - 19/4/04

The date for the New Zealand Go Congress has been provisionally set for the October (Labour Weekend) in Wellington. Contact Steve for more information at

Auckland Go Champs 2004 - 10/4/04

The Auckland Go Champs for 2004 has been scheduled for the 22nd and the 23rd of May. For details please view the registration form which includes a schedule and information about the tournament. For more information contact Steve at

News needed - 18/1/04

Any announcements or news regarding matters of go in New Zealand should be sent to the webmaster at This includes announcements about tournaments in the future and results of tournaments.

Suggestions wanted - 18/1/04

The Webmaster, Leon Phease, would appreciate any suggestions to do with improving this website. If you have a suggestion to make, e-mail leon at

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