Happy New Year Go players of New Zealand,
Yes, the new year is already well under way, and for me it brings a massive workload - hence the late arrival of this newsletter.  There a some items of news this month (thanks Steve), and I’ve outlined the beginnings of the calendar for NZ go for this year, and give details of where and when each regional club meets.  So, without further ado….
Online Kiwi Go Club
Steve Taylor of Auckland has been thinking of an online club for kiwis who like playing go on the internet, so that they can play each other on a regular basis.  A number of players, most of whom are already playing online, are interested in the idea, so Steve has set up a “room” on KGS called KiwiGo.  If you would like more information, please email Steve.Taylor@nz.towerlimited.com and say what's your preferred time of the week.  I gather Monday sounds good, as the various clubs around the country meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Sounds like a brilliant idea – good work Steve.
Japan Information and Cultural Centre website
We have been invited by the Japan Information and Cultural Centre to add information about NZ go to their website.  This can include newsletters, photos, articles, promotions, details of events, contact details and other information.  The main web site address is www.japan.org.nz - I’ll keep you posted on when our information goes online.
Just in case you’re travelling to Australia or Russia this year…
The 7th NEC Cup Go competition will be held in Melbourne, weekend of 15-16 March.

The 2nd International Conference on Baduk of the Myong-Ji University will be held at the same time and at the same place with the 47th European Go Congress, on 26 - 27 July 2003 at St. Petersburg State University, Petrodvoretz, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Steve Taylor (Steve.Taylor@nztowerlimited.com) has more information on both of these events.

New Zealand events this year

Auckland champs: probably April or May

Wellington Open: Springtime

National champs: probably October, probably in Auckland

Wellington Closed competition:  yet to be decided, and dependent on whether Russell can find the trophy…

Dunedin:  discussing the possibility of holding an event

Christchurch: unknown

Regional club details

As well as being listed below, NZ club details and contacts can be found on the internet at Barry's clubs page:


All clubs welcome visitors to their club nights.


The Auckland club meets Wednesday nights (changed from Thursdays) at 7:30pm. As they are between venues they are meeting in member's homes, currently at Mike Thaler’s (see below). Beginners' Night - first Thursday of each month.

Contacts: Colin Grierson, Ph: (09) 532-9996 (home), (09) 525-7353 (work) email: coling@ihug.co.nz

Michael Taler, Ph: (09) 620-9872 (home), email: mtaler@ait.ac.nz

Du Shiyong, Ph: (09) 277-6559 (home) email: shiyong@ihug.co.nz


The Wellington Go Club meets at the Victoria University Computer Science Department common room (room C339), Cotton Building on Tuesday nights, starting at 7:30.  No charge.

Contacts: Teru Yanagahashi, phone: (04) 972-1867 email: yanagihashi@paradise.net.nz

Dan Reeve, phone (04) 2366225 or 029-932-7920 email: daniel.reeve@paradise.net.nz


The club meets Tuesdays at 28 Cross St (clubroom alongside private house), any time from 7:30 on.  No charge; refreshments available, players at various levels from 15 kyu to 2 dan.

Contact: W F C Taylor phone: (03) 379-6422 (home) (03) 364-2686 (work) email: W.Taylor@math.canterbury.ac.nz


Meets Wednesday nights at the University AI Lab, Computer science (rear of 547 Castle Street), 7:00pm onwards

Contact: Corrin Lakeland phone: (03) 473-1214 email: lakeland@cs.otago.ac.nz


Contact: Chris Van Gerven, phone (06) 377-5085 (home), (06) 377-5991(work)


And remember, “Chase with the knight’s move, but escape with the one point jump”


February 2003